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- About us -

We are constantly developing services in the metallurgical industry!


Limex Total Group provides you with the highest quality metal fabrications with high degree of seriousness and at the most advantageous prices in Romania.


Precision, performance, perfection,


           Limex Total Group, offers you various sheet metal, laser cutting , welding, and various high-quality metal coating processes at the highest level.

         Using the latest technology, Limex has the ability to deliver a wide variety of steel, stainless steel or aluminum parts to the highest quality.

          Since beginings in 1992, Limex has become one of the most successful companies in Romania specialized in sheet metal processing.

       In 2014, Limex Total Group was established, which now covers several areas of activity, the main being to offer laser cutting services.

The company has already implemented the ISO 9001: 2015 management system as well as ISO 14001 : 2015 or OHSAS 18001, systems that provide us with a continuous traceability of raw materials as well as products coming out of the factory.

Once the operations for each landmark have been done, all our products are labeled. This is done according to customer requirements, whether with barcodes or with important information for the customer.

     The laser cutting was born out of the desire of a young entrepreneur. In order to bring a change in Romania in this field, we have developed a modern, performant, efficient system that fully satisfies the needs of today’s customers.

We originally started from a surface of 250 square meters and today we have reached an area of ​​3,500 square meters. The company has been growing year after year increasingly by constantly investing in people and technology, now operating 24 hours a day with over 30 employees.

With state-of-the-art equipment from Bystronic, Limex has gained an enviable reputation. This has been possible by keeping high standards since begining. But thanks to dedicated customer service, quality, trust, and timely delivery of products in any area of ​​Romania either through our own car transport network or through various collaborators.

     Limex believes in building solid relationships with customers by precisely understanding their needs and meeting the most demanding requirements.

With highly trained people, Limex has created a team of individuals with extensive experience in the field, which combined with the latest available equipment helps us to excel in every time, becoming more and more good in what we do .

    Our knowledge, experience, and abilities separate Limex from other competitors.

This is reflected in the repeat volume of customer orders as well as in the creation of new partnerships.

Limex can generate various price quotations using laser cutting, state-of-the-art programs supported by Autocad, Solidworks, and various machine programs, delivering the best use of materials.

Supported files for generating price bids can be dxf, dwg, stp or pdf formats, ideal for fast bidding being the dxf or dwg format, 1-to-1 scale..

Limex has exceptional capabilities using laser cutting equipment both in the cutting, process as well as in sheet metal bending, welding, sablare, painting and quality control processes.

The maximum thicknesses that can be processed in our company are 20 millimeters in steel, 12 millimeters in stainless steel and 8 millimeters in aluminum.

The equipment has the ability to produce various engravings, either to identify the parts easier for the customer or to accurately mark the various items such as positioning for subsequent welding or positioning of the threaded holes.

The maximum permissible format for cutting is 2.00 per 4.000 millimeters, but thanks to partnerships with various trusted companies, we can debit when needed and form a maximum of 2 per 8 meters.

     Cutting precision is two-tenths of a millimeter in length, the laser cuttingr process being the most accurate way of cutting the sheets.

The laser cutting process is complemented by various sheet metal bending, Mig Mag or Tig welding processes as well as alkyd or electrostatic painting processes, according to customer requirements.

Limex always has large stockpiles of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, of different qualities, which allows us to meke all the execution deadlines imposed by the beneficiary.

The debiting is done on a Bystronic Bystar 3015 machine with automatic loading line, this machine being used mostly at the serial parts due to the reduced handling costs and times.

Thanks to all the highlights, Limex has become the automated choice of several industries, such as architecture, engineering, rail, recycling and construction.

Limex is the fast, efficient, reliable company.

Perfection, precision, performance.


For more details about the services we offer, we invite you to visit the website or to contact us!

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